Sunday, Delay, Delay, Delay...

I cancelled VTTRPG so I could be cogniscent enough to drive. I woke up at 3AM anyway 9_9 BUT also got some extra sleeps in between then and about 5.

Messaged my lovelies about the anticipated meet-up so I can cuddle Beloved for the remains of the weekend. Which is getting to fewer and fewer hours as time ticks by.

Update - just got the news that Beloved is still feeling the downside of her new meds. If pay is incoming from the old job, we'll have a shared experience on Wednesday.

I'm having my treats today anyway. Because carbs kill a bad mood.

Besides, it's a big 'if' regarding the pay. Beloved's changed jobs, and the income expectations are likely to arrive whenever they feel like it. Some might even be less than normal.

It's a squeak week. I am in hefty penny-pinching mode and delaying paying for anything as long as I can.

If we get moneys, then I can relax a bit and enjoy a QPP date somewhere. Huggles and good food and great company will help my mood.

Feels like a big 'if' right now.

Offerings soon.