Challenge #04067-K049: Named Helper

As immortal as the "Living God" known as Wraithvine, he had lost his name due to his selfishness. Learning to be kind and giving, he gained a new name after a long time of lessons, and now taught as he was taught, the lessons of warmth, and using his magic to comfort and aid those in need. And, of course, was always grateful in the times his mentor visited to check up on him. -- Anon Guest

Years had passed, as years are wont to do. Those who recognised Nobody as a Destroyer grew fewer and further between. They grew older. And, despite everything Nobody tried to do, they died.

Nobody wandered several lands over that time. Going from places of plenty to places in need. Doing whatever he could for whomever needed it. They walked in, bent double under the weight of rations and all-weather clothing and useful tools. Once arrived, he worked every waking hour until the people there could be their own force for change. He often walked away with little more than the clothes on his back.

His wandering feet took him to a realm of plenty once more. Where the people took one look at him and gave him food and welcome. Where it was a matter of law that none went hungry nor without shelter.

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