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Challenge #03369-I081: Consequences of the Forgotten

Can we have a story about Wraithvine having to teach this doofus to be a "mini me" of him as it were? That is, since he was begging to follow hir around and basically learn to be just like them?

It's from this one. -- Anon Guest

Nobody trailed after Wraithvine like a lost duckling. There were things to learn and the eternal Wizard knew everything. Including the simple fact that there is more to learn.

He must be kind. That was written across his soul. Therefore, wherever Wraithvine went, ze had four kind hands. Twice as many as normal. Twice the baby comforting. Twice the feeding of hungry mouths. Twice the gifts to the needy. Twice the aid for the sick. Never for vainglory. Never for reward. Never for merit. Just because it was right and it was kind.

Nobody knew he didn't have a true name. He had paid it to learn Wraithvine's ways. There was, Wraithvine said, an egotistical immortal who was helping in the wrong direction, but could not see where he was going wrong. That was Nobody's past. Without a name, without the memory of mistakes, Nobody had a chance to do things right. All it took was two kind hands and three small words. "Can I help?"

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