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Challenge #04040-K022: With Great Gratitude

A village got together to make a gift package for Wraithvine and friends. New ever-lasting boots that would be warmer in winter and cooler in summer, new clothing again, warm in winter, cool in summer, and bags of holding enchanted to not only hold.. ... well a lot, but also so foodstuffs could never spoil while within, and drinks could never spill while within. -- The New Guy

The thing about immortality is, even when something is made to last for centuries, those things fall apart. Even granite wears away. Cloth, even charmed cloth made to self-repair and also wear well, will thin and fall apart.

Nothing lasts forever. Even the sun will burn itself up, the stars will fade, and the universe will come to a standstill.

None of that was Wraithvine's concern when, at the end of the battle to save Greenhaven, half his robes had burned to ash and the other half were only held together with hope. Then again, ze'd hardly fared any better. It had been that rough of a fight.

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Challenge #03972-J320: A Debt Repaid

Mr. Sunshine was on a terraformed station helping to destroy it. Why? The dereggers that ran it had used child-slaves as their "cleaning crew". An old "friend", a level 2 deathworlder, is stuck in a fight with deregger security trying to get themself, and several of these children, to their ship so they can escape, but they need a help in the fight. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Terraforming is kind of difficult in an artificial environment.

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