Challenge #04161-K143: Checking In

Bibrid, Gikka, and Lilbit meet Wraithvine's new associate, Zygorguk. Lilbit is actually the one that is least hesitant about the first meeting. Cats can just tell. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Continuity wise, Zygorguk pre-dates Gikka and Lilbit... But I can make it work]

On the side of a mountain is an old, gnarled tree. It's so tall that clouds catch in its upper branches. Advanced students weave them into treats for the novices. The hollows are large enough for spacious mansion-like rooms, and that is deliberate. The knotted, gnarled, enormous tree is a Mountain Ygdrassi, a tree made to be a house for a huge family. Perhaps even a village.

It's now the centrepoint of a school.

Welcome to Highbranch Omnimagic Academy. Where anyone with a magical talent can learn to hone their abilities. Refined schools like Swinbrau sneer downwards at it, because they will teach anyone. Even Hellkin and Halfbreds. Further, gossip has it that the headmaster is an Imp, direct from the Plane of Torment. This is only halfway true.

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