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Challenge #03171-H262: Visiting Day

The Havenworlder writes their Human friend on occasion even knowing the kid cannot read well. And, as the child grew older, they sometimes visited to chat and the Havenworlder learned the safe hiking areas. -- Anon Guest

There is such a thing as an unequal relationship that is nevertheless wholesome and good. Such as the relationship between Poflid Leez, a fully-grown adult of her species, and Human Dru, aged four. A Havenworlder and a Deathworlder respectively, the latter saved the former's life, and such good deeds can never be forgotten.

Ruggedia was not recommended for actual holidays. Leez had a regime to toughen up her genes on behalf of the next generation, so visits to Human Dru were strictly regulated.

However, visits from Human Dru were encouraged, and the child was accompanied by a guardian of one form or another. Humans and the intricacies of their extended families took a lot of unriddling. A trusted adult could be a blood relative, a neighbour, or a former classmate of any given parental. Familial relationship or not, they gained familial honourifics.

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