Challenge #04162-K144: Help to All in Need

The human had helped nurse the very, very sick dragon back to health. The dragon'd had trouble laying her eggs and it'd taken a toll on her. They stayed to help the dragon, as did their family, and when the eggs hatched, the human and hir family helped the dragon raise their brood, so that all children, human and dragon, knew the love and warmth of a big family. -- Anon Guest

If you believe that all life is precious, truly and deeply, you act to help all life in its needs. Even though Slaine Dunne was a vegan, she went out of her way to secure healthy cattle to feed to her patient. Who happened to be a Dragon, still suffering the effects of a Draconic fever at the worst possible time.

Their eggs were by a steam vent, safely nested and turned four times a day. They would hatch, soon. Tiny babies that would have their own special needs.

Slaine smeared sides of meat and organs with herbs, muttering prayers for the souls of the animals that had given their lives to support another. She set aside the softer parts for the babies that were due to hatch.

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