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Welp. It's a crisis...

I'm making a mostly-vegetarian stew because there was no beef available when Beloved went for ingredients. So far, the ingredients include an entire Wombok cabbage, 1.5 kg of "low carb" potatoes [really, love?] and a decent dollop of vegemite.

Next on the chopping block, a decent container of carrots. I'm definitely adding some celeries to offset the potatoes in there. Lots of celeries.

On today's agenda, the Patreon nonsense, blogging about bread, writing the Instant of course, and making a bloody huge amount of stew.

...Beloved panic-purchased a fuckbunch of eggs, and also ordered a bidet so we don't need to fuss about toilet paper. I love you, I do, but criminy... I was only halfway joking about the damn bidet...

Still, $200 on a bidet is probably saner than ending up in a riot because there was one package of TP left. I guess.

Take note now, before there's a firkin riot to get hold of a bidet. You can order these things on like SUUUUPER easy. The installation appears to also be easy enough as Beloved has offered to install it themself. No plumber necessary.

Either that, or we don't want to give others the idea. I can't tell right now.

Onwards to the daily tale!

At the closing of the year

It's New Years Eve and I don't have many plans to stay up until midnight. I have little choice as to when my batteries need charging, but when I go down, I go down.

  • Work to improve my writing
  • Work to improve mine and my Beloved's health
  • Do what I can for MeMum

People who make too many resolutions end up keeping none of them, so I keep it to three.

And there's a story in the third one. Those dear

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