Challenge #03991-J339: A Gentle Intervention

Wraithvine, Lilibit, and Gikka meet a person who is deep in depression and drinking themselves into an early grave. And stops them before they end up destroying their life. -- Anon Guest

Gikka didn't dip into the Hellkin's pockets. One of the rules of Wraithvine was not to steal from people who were already going through enough. Hellkin were automatically in that category most of the time, but this one was having a worse time than normal.

She was drunk and unhappy, steadily imbibing assorted liquors as if it were her job. And, because she was a Hellkin, was generating an aura of shadows surrounding her. Like a cloud of doom.

Giving her money might solve her problems, but it may also make them worse. Gikka looked to Wraithvine, who nodded.

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