Challenge #04007-J355: Essential Operations

Wraithvine and friends are asked to help teach apprentice healers who are going to be assigned to local orphanages to help care for the kids and keep them healthy. Some of the children come up to them with torn, or otherwise damaged, stuffies and ask the healers to please treat their "friends". -- Anon Guest

In any large enough city, it's no accident that Healer's schools are in close proximity to the orphanages or poorhouses. They are, after all, the places that need the most help, and more likely to take anything they can get.

Some are luckier than others, and have special guests who can accelerate the student Healer's progress.

Wraithvine took some time on a chair in a corner as hir class went through their patience. All of them practicing, When in doubt, clean and examine, as they went. Washing hands between patients was becoming a habit. Excellent. Ze'd just about worn hir tongue out in telling them. Bibrid was nervously teaching his methods to those who could use the relevant magics.

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