Challenge #04086-K068: Gifts According to Skill

Un fabricante de muñecas hace muñecas Wraithvine y amigos como regalos. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Translated - A doll maker makes Wraithvine and friends dolls as gifts.]

The good news was... the village was saved. The bad news was that the heroes who did it had to be dragged back on stretchers. Well. Mostly stretchers. One had to be hauled back on a cart.

Things were much easier when the potion of Giant's Force wore off and Zygorguk returned to their normal size. The Bugbear and the Troll received what care the village could give. At least a Troll could heal rapidly on their own.

Wraithvine woke in a comfortable bed, a lot of bandages, and more than a few splints keeping hir limbs safely still. Over on a neighbouring bed, Kraash the Bugbear was in a similar pickle. Sitting watch across the way was one of the villagers, working carefully on some wood carvings. To be more accurate, he was worrying at the wood with a series of files and one very small starmetal blade.

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