Friday, Bread, Unfucking, and More

I had fun last night, finally getting home pretty close to midnight. That's why I'm starting my writing day in the afternoon.

I'm starting some bread today. Today's experiment involves halving the ice I throw into the Dutch Oven to keep the steam going during the rise.

I might have to be rid of the ice at all, alas. Tough crusts and proper bread are better than soft crusts around a sod loaf.

I have Wilson incubating and a timer to remind me to see to the rest of the process. I will clean the Catio closer to sunset because I'll be guaranteed to boil before I reach the catio door.

I need to get myself some painkillers because Cyclone Headache. After that? I shall get on with getting on.

Chapter Count: Thanks to the time of hurry-up-and-wait involved with transport last night, I'm now halfway through chapter 387.


In other news, I finally cleared Exercise TWO in Learning How To Stencyl, so I might just surrender and ask Beloved if she has any free time to write a Sudoku program real quick.

I'll see about that after she's no longer working on setting up her new work schedule.

I couldn't think of a story for the Foundry this week and that's okay. Some ideas just don't gel.

On the plus side, I have some small degree of economic freedom now that the new job is underway. I'm being careful with it, but it's still an immense relief to be able to get what I need after paying the bills.

Moving right along. Let's get some offerings out there.