Challenge #04153-K135: To Breathe Clouds of Joy

Wraithvine, Bibrid, and Lilbit enter a town that is cursed, or blessed, however one may view it, to have an hour each day where everyone, from oldest to youngest, suddenly feels great joy and laughs. Once that moment fades, it leaves a lingering feel of contentment and whatever injuries or illnesses the citizenry has, has healed just that much faster. Though severe illnesses or injuries still take a while, it doesn't hurt as much. -- Anon Guest

The bells rang before a significant hour, and the people around them put down anything delicate or intricate in the midst of creation. Small children were placed on soft or secure surfaces. Tools put down safely, especially anything with a sharp edge. Fires banked for an hour. Lamps or candles extinguished.

When all was done... another bell heralded those standing to sit or lie comfortably close to where they were working. Even the local Watch found a bench or crate to sit on.

In less than a minute, the laughter washed over the town. A swelling of joy and levity bubbled up from all present, until all were rendered next to helpless with gales of hilarity. Side-splitting, knee-weakening, drool-mouthed unstoppable laughter.

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