Challenge #03894-J242: Visibly Strange

An elf ended up with a health problem that, after they recovered, made them unable to grow back their hair. It was intensely rare, but not completely unheard of. People remind their children not to stare, it's rude. And the kind elf doesn't deserve people to be rude. -- DaniAndShali

The common name was Nahripox, and it doesn't kill. People therefore believe that it is harmless. What it can do, especially to Elves, is scar. Some lose the whole or part of their vision. Some lose their ability to hear. Some will never have a perfect skin again. And some... very rarely... can no longer grow their hair.

It's a terrible thing for an Elf to survive such as a child.

For Elves, hair length is a matter of pride. The longer the hair, the longer it's been since the last mistake they made. Elven children have their hair kept short because they are constantly learning. When Nahripox stikes their scalp, their hair remains short for the rest of their lives. Oricaryn Hytrii was lucky in that their face was also scarred.

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