Master Kosh

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Challenge #03836-J184: Learn to Learn

Here, I will teach you, not how to fight, but how to avoid fighting. How to disable your opponents without killing them. Remember, killing is, and always MUST be, only a last resort. -- Anon Guest

"I thought you were a Master of Shadows," sneered Shea, they were not impressed by any of this. Least of all the half-hour wait while Master Kosh meditated in a sunbeam. "Aren't they meant to be assassins?"

The old Hellkin who had once been king by conquest had a very pointy and unfriendly smile for Shea. "They're often hired as such by the ignorant. A better use for the Way of Shadows is preventing and foiling other assassins. Much trickier. There are some occasions in which killing is the lazy solution to the problem at hand."

Ami put up her hand. "Didn't you kill fourteen people to become a king?"

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