Challenge #04014-J361: Benevolent Reformations

A kingdom's literacy rate is less than 30%. The new rulers want, need, to improve that. Why? A literate, educated, population is a population that can help pull the kingdom out of the rut it's fallen into. -- Anon Guest

Pax Infernus was changing the world. Not just with a peace between realms, nor by banding together against mutual threats. This time, they were changing the world by helping within the allies' infrastructure.

Some joined just for the help that Pax Infernus could provide.

King Hyrcanus kept staring at King Kormwind's horns. When he wasn't staring at the devilborn ruler's horns, he stared at the casual way that Kormwind and his Human wife held hands. "I've noted that your -ah- policies... have created a benefit to your realms and their economies. I would appreciate a plan to uhm... enact... those changes."

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