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Challenge #02746-G189: Fearsome Destructive Capabilities

Carbon fibre plates, reinforced with a titanium alloy. Hi spec thermal regulator, and military grade ballistic glass. Now I just need the human to stress test this livesuit. -- Anon Guest

"What kind of Human?" said Glorz.

"I'm not sure I understand the question."

"Well, there are the Humans you pay to try and destroy it, there's the Humans you pay to life-test it, and the Humans you pay to try and keep it in top condition. Then there's the fourth if you want to test for unforeseen flaws."

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Challenge #02307-F117: Adequate Testing Procedures

The History of crash-test dummies is one of Sheer Deathworlder Thinking. Instead of doing the sane thing and wait, till the technology is safe enough, they relied in the past on test with crash-test dummies.

Fun fact: Aliens did not know, that the First Dummies were actually other Humans. -- Anon Guest

There's a crucial difference between Havenworlders, Deathworlders, and what one might consider normal cogniscents. That particular difference is in how they approach the relative safety of technology. For most cogniscents,

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Challenge #01801-D340: According to Plan

> Phase 1 of our plan is complete... the internet is ours!
--The Cats -- TheDragonsFlame

Everyone who knows cats believes that they are smarter than they let on. At least until their cat(s) do something demented or scatterbrained and the belief starts to have shaky grounding. Cats do this on purpose. To allay suspicions. And they leave for days on end to report to their central office. To be sure that everything is going to plan.

Unfortunately for them, their plan

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Challenge #01799-D338: Jury's Still Out

Fun fact: Cats meow only to communicate with humans (exception: kittens) -- TheDragonsFlame

Most of the Galactic citizenry are not certain about the cogniscence levels of cats. They're on the lowest boundary of mass for hosting a cogniscent mind. They show capacity for creative problem solving. They can learn procedures, so long as they are sufficiently motivated. They show signs of social strata, co-operation, and means of communication. They even attempt communication with non-felines.

They don't meow past kittenhood, unless they are

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