Challenge #03825-J173: Educational Reforms

The pressure to do evil is immense, if there comes a day when I must “Discipline” you, please believe me that my only thought is of… protecting you. -- Anon Guest

Some traditions in education have to die. Some have to be actively murdered. Forcing left-handed people to only use their right hands, for instance. Or... being very strict with the Unwelcome Peoples.

"It's necessary," insisted Scholar Administator Brogitarius Zenonis, straight into the face of one of the Unwelcome. The fact that he was a king was secondary to the importance of the matter at hand. "There are reasons why the Unwelcome are Unwelcome and we aim to curb those attributes."

"I surmise those reasons are nothing at all related to appearance," said the cerulean blue devilborn king, his crown caught on his upright horns via a clever device. "Or superstition, extant prejudice, and willful ignorance." He leaned forward with a wide smile that showed an unnerving amount of very sharp teeth. "I'd love to hear what they are."

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