Wednesday, Wordpress and Remote Dating

Both my snugglebuddies are down with a sickness. Beloved caught a Lurgi while she was over at Adorable's and we mutually decided not to give me another threat to my lungs.

BUT it's also date night and bonding exercises have to be a shared experience we can do together. So we're doing that.

Technonerds for the win, I guess.

I already did the meme on the Fediverse this morning, so all I have left is the daily tale, the Wordpress entry, and the mandatory chapter.

I also aim to be summarising a little bit of Beauties and the Beastly. If I don't have the 'oomph' for that, I'll do it tomorrow. I mean, I also have some beta-ing to do before I get on with everything else.

Howmst the FUCK did I become a writing mentor for two people?

Eh. Onwards with the offerings.