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Challenge #03910-J258: An Essential Education

An elderly king learned the retired ruler, Kormwind, Kosh to his friends, was visiting visiting his kingdom. He asked that Kosh be respectfully invited to the palace to give advice to his daughter, who was about to be elevated to queen, and was quite nervous. -- Anon Guest

There was very little indigo left in the old Hellkin's braided locks, any more. He wore no crown, but bore a heavily-varnished Favour next to his house sigil like a prize medal. His lady wife, almost always at his side wore a red dirndl and could have easily been used to promote someone's brand of country-made soap.

Together, political wags still called them "the Teufel and the Teapot." They were the most influential couple in this particular region of Alfarell. The keystones of Pax Infernus. The Thrice-Sworn King and Queen of Wildernesses.

Of course it didn't matter to those who repeated any of that that the lady Cordelia had been Princess-Consort. Of course it didn't matter that the both of them would much rather be cosy in their cottage, making cheese and teaching martial arts and magic to any who came. It mattered that they were here in Tobundola. Teaching the Princess Khalifa everything they knew about staying ahead of the other guy. It mattered that the two senior citizens were the most devious creatures known to civilised life.

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