Challenge #04119-K101: Unplanned Landscaping Incident

The dragon was young, admittedly, only about a 100 human years. It tended to rampage, but so far not in any place where cogniscent beings lived. But it was only a matter of time. A much, MUCH, older dragon decided to put a stop to such behaviors firmly. Before it caused a ruckus that would end up risking other dragons lives. -- Anon Guest

Ze called hirself Remrot, like all young Dragons, ze liked a name with a bit of edge. In terms of development, this wasn't so much a teenaged rebellion, as it was a toddler tantrum.

With so many intelligent creatures in the world, it was difficult for a young Dragon to find a safe space to let it all out. This sort of thing results in the kind of ruined landscapes that attract evil overlords, and then the adventurers destined to stop them.

What's rarely mentioned is that baby dragons are tiny compared to the adults. They hatch the size of hunting hounds. In a hundred years, they're twice the size of a commoner's hut. A full-grown dragon is roughly the size of a barge. Tall as a tower, and certainly formidable.

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