Thursday, Minor Fixes and Sleep Issues

In an attempt to fix my tiredness, I took to bed early. Thus, woke up at a little past midnight. After two hours of trying to get back to sleep, I got up and commenced my routine. Which this morning includes bread prep.

I'm doing two side-projects today. So I can get all the side projects done with before the weekend.

According to Doctor Tumblr, I should try some Vitamin B Complex.

I also have plns to make the bed and reclaim my favourite wrist bracers from the dryer. Time windows are going to be juggled.

I'll be getting some B-vitamins while the bread is on the four-hour proofing sometimes close to this afternoon.

The weather has officially turned cold, and I am currently wrapped up in several layers until the day warms up again.

And I'll be trying to re-set my internal alarm clock.

Fun times.

They should have B-complex at the local chemist's. Further news as events warrant. Offerings soon.