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Challenge #03590-I301: Do Not Follow

Had you ruled in my stead, I’d feared that your demise might mirror hers, I could not let that happen. Not again. But if I let you choose your destiny, would you instead spend it resenting me? -- Anon Guest

There's more than one kind of King who never wanted the crown. In the case of Prince-Constort Kanutus, beloved of the Warrior Queen Haalvig, having the crown and the throne meant the death of his wife. Known far and wide as the King in Black, he reigned with nary a smile whilst he was in power. All of Ranouthia mourned with him.

Princess Haalvig II was barely out of swaddling, and could neither lead nor direct the armies. Kanatus held her close, anyway, and rarely put her down.

Her mother had died in battle, taking half an enemy regiment with her. Kanatus, deep in mourning, vowed that his daughter would not follow in those footsteps.

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