Challenge #03531-I243: Welcome to the Fosterhaus

They were Tieflings and Aasimars, siblings all, who went from place to place. They gathered the unwanted children that others refused to care for, and brought them to a massive, special, boarding school that ensured the children were loved, cared for, got a good education, and learned to see all beings as equals, no matter who, or what, they were. To judge on personality and actions, rather than species. -- Anon Guest

The Plane of Torment and the Plane of Boons are in eternal conflict. This is known. One of their perpetual battlegrounds is the mortal realm, as evidenced by the spawn they leave to mortal parents. It may surprise many to learn that the hallowed and the demonic alike are born in equal measure to mortals.

They have varying forces working against them, no matter which side spawned them.

One might think that those born to boons would be more valued. One would be thinking incorrectly. Many view an Aasimar child as just as much ill luck as a Tiefling. The other side will be aiming to harm them, and anyone else nearby.

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