Challenge #03722-J069: True Family

A Human family find an orphaned infant Elf after a massive earthquake. Raising an Elf isn't easy, but they love the child as deeply as if the child were their own blood. -- The New Guy

Nino was eight before they learned that their name was not Poor Dear. They knew their story from before the time that they understood words.

Rennie and Mama found them crying by the road, the poor dear. Rennie scooped Nino up and Mama helped hir walk to the nearby Elf village that Nino probably came from. But there was nowhere left to look after them, the poor dear. What the earthquake didn't kill, the pestilence and bad gas did for the rest. Not a soul left alive, poor dear.

So Rennie and Mama took them in as one of their own. It was a sin, after all, to leave a baby to die. The poor dear was theirs now, as there was no other to care for the poor dear. All it took was a decent meal and a warm bed and a lot of love and little Nino flourished. Hale and hearty, as all can see.

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