Challenge #03521-I233: Damage Control

"Yu....yu a tief!!" a scared little voice.

"I'm a tiefling, but I promise, child, I won't hurt you. I know you're just scared and hurt."

"'n....not mean tief...yu fwend?"

"Yes. I'm your friend." -- Anon Guest

The child was still wedged into a very small space and Flourish currently couldn't tilt hir head for fear of upsetting the birds. They had decided to nest in hir antler-like horns. Getting down to the child's level involved lying awkwardly on hir belly.

"Well. I'd like to be a friend," ze said. "It can't be comfortable in there."

Sniffle. "Da said tiefs 're bad news." Glistening eyes spilled water down filthy cheeks. "'m not 'lowed t' talk to 'em or look at 'em or... He's going to be so mad when he wakes up."

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