Challenge #03594-I305: Impossible Quest of Certain Doom

“I am part angel, demon, Treant, mermaid, kobold, dwarf, elf, dark elf, gnome, aarakocra, aasimar…

[Two Minutes Later] oh and I have an elder dragon soul.”

“By the stars what are you?”

“In all honesty I don’t know, but everything cancels each other out so, human?” -- Anon Guest

[AN: One of my lovely readers, DaniAndShali had these fun words to say about this prompt: "LOL Man, this one reminds me of this song!! Mis - Conceptions by Mercedes Lackey!" ]

Misspatch the Bard could, if pressed, use the abilities of most of her ancestry. There was an element of randomness to it, not skill. It also required knowing which ancestor had been what. Part Lizardfolk, part bird, part dinosaur, there were whispers of Phoenix and Dragon somewhere in the lineage, but... enough Bards and enough athleticism and it all kind of... cancelled out.

Explaining all this took some time and a rather bawdy song.

"If the ancestors share in my croon, it is a lovely boon," Misspatch finished up. "If my bloodline selects 'duck', then we're--"

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