Wednesday, Wordpress, Dates, and Other Shenanigans

Today, I might have an opinion on Wordpress. I might not. I don't really know. Possibly about the past being another country. OR it might be another installment of A Devil's Tale the fanficcy variant.

Depends how bloody tired I am by the time I get that shit together.

Gotta tag a week, gotta add 250 words to the 2K summary so I could get at least halfway through that word limit. Gotta set dress two more chambers, gotta clean and sort at least one more album.

...gotta go shopping for a charcuterie board because my love and I are planning a bath date. Yay.

I started today with the Lacklustres so it might just be more Angsty Tiefling Boi. Huzzah.

Or I might write about the Lacklustres. Depends.

What I do know is that I have a flash fiction in the barrel that needs out into the world. So let's get that done with at least.