Challenge #03593-I304: Not a Biological Weapon

The pirate captured the human for ransom. The human is having tummy problems and lays on the cool floor to try to ease the ache. Human nearly gasses the pirates into unconsciousness. -- Fighting Fit

[AN: Significant research has shown that farts are not toxic to humans, but this is a plausibility if the Pirates are Havenworlders]

Some might say they were the luckiest Pirates ever to roam the Alliance's Edge. That opinion varies once the full disclosure of their exploits comes to bear. Their most notable capture was also their downfall.

It's rare, indeed, that Havenworlders could even threaten a Human, let alone capture one. These pirates crewing the Pen's Aunts had managed it because Human Lutz was not feeling well.

"Must'a been something I ate," ze complained. "Can I lie down? Your floor's looking real friendly, right now."

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