Tuesday, Patreon and Vet Visit

Jolie is headed back to the vet's today, to see how she's healing up post-surgery. She should soon be back on the kibbles.

Soon to be supplanted with very different (expensive?) kibbles that are better for her teeth. Not looking forward to finding those, to be honest.

But I also want to be a good cat parental, so I gotta do the thing.

I also have Patreon posts to create, a Tale Foundry entry to concoct, and all the other things I do in my day-to-day. Set dressing and story tagging and concocting more summary [which will likely be handed to reviewers to copy/pasta into their own articles].

Fun times ahead.

I shall inevitably be working on these a little at a time. If I can get up to 750 words of the 2K summary, I shall count that as a win.

This is hard.

I would much rather be writing more of A Devil's Tale.

I will be asking for help from the Foundry because this thing is truly arduous to create. Blargh.

Onwards ever onwards. I shall gather the kitty carrier for Jolie, and prep for the stream.

Stuff happening very soon.