Challenge #03592-I303: Behaviour Modification Strategies

It's amazing how well people behave when they realize the station is protected by security officers who are Pax Humanis members! -- DaniAndShali

[AN: Given the general sociopathy of Pax Humanis, these would have to be the milder cases]

Welcome to the Edge Territories. Welcome to New-held Station. Things can get a little wild whilst the Alliance protocols do some catching up. To that end, every cogniscent in this newly-acquired area has access to a full explanation of the Alliance's rules. Including some that are plastered over every available surface in every known language[1].

In nice, big, friendly letters, it says, Removing an adult Cogniscent's freedom to make rational decisions is a punitive offence. This will be enforced by Pax Humanis.

They're easy to spot. Not only do they wear the Security colours of Purple (for the rule of law) and orange (for Station Personnel), but they also wear the hazard colours of yellow, red, and black. The uniform of Pax Humanis. Deadly contents here.

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