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Challenge #01662-D201: The Motivation Game

“Please do not destroy the irreplaceable magical artefacts, no matter how annoying they are,” -- RecklessPrudence

The Orb of Vexation chortled at Verski. With a sigh of regret, Verski put it back onto its cushion and re-sealed the Gate of Infinity. Finally, he turned to his tutor and said, "But why?"

"Aw, da diddle baba gonna cry," said the Orb of Vexation. "Waaaah, waaah."

Maester Kalrix conjured Cone of Silence over the Orb. "No matter how trying they are, these are important relics of a day gone by. They can teach us many things. They can motivate us to new levels of accomplishment." At this point, Maester Kalrix angled a pointed glare at the lock that Verski had melted in order to enter the Vault. She raised an eyebrow at Verski, who cringed. "And they show us what we can accomplish if we strive to be like the ancients."

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Belief in Magical Accessories

There's nothing much going on in my life at the moment, beyond the usual routine and angsting about whatever I'm publishing or trying to translate at the moment, so I thought I'd talk about a little something that bothers me about humanity.

The belief in talent by osmosis via Stuff. Stuff, in this case, is either a particular piece of hardware, or software. Something that somebody famous uses to do the thing you love. Now, quite a lot of people believe that

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