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Challenge #04208-K190: Sacrifice of the Willing

I really don’t want to explain the minute details of localizing my existence, but the broad strokes of it are, it takes a vast amount of energy to anchor myself to this point. The energy that is used and the corresponding residuals is not safe for this plane of existence. Using your particular soul will act as both as a fuel source and Coordinates, but don’t worry at most you’ll only lose about two days or a week maximum of your lifespan.

As long nothing serious hinders my task... -- Anon Guest

There is a very fine line between devotion to an ideal and eldritch horror. Where one draws that line is, alas, a matter of perspective.

Aubine was an excellent healer. Some said the hallowed light of Lenus shone through her skin. She automatically repelled those who sided with corruption and hate. Which did not include any Unwelcome people just trying to get me through the day.

It was when the Adventurers followed her into the caverns of Kraskya, that the trouble began. That was where the objective of her quest lay. She could not delay. It was the will of Lenus to recover something lost and forsaken down there. Something very important. Something stolen.

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Challenge #03520-I232: How to Tame Your Blood God

A person went to an ancient temple that looked almost as if it were in ruins. They begged of the god that was still willing to answer, please make me immortal, please let me heal others at a mere touch, and please, help me so that my heart never goes cold toward the plight of others. -- Anon Guest

Ask a lonely god for a favour, and they will pay in abundance. There's always a price for such a thing. Some demand

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