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Challenge #03520-I232: How to Tame Your Blood God

A person went to an ancient temple that looked almost as if it were in ruins. They begged of the god that was still willing to answer, please make me immortal, please let me heal others at a mere touch, and please, help me so that my heart never goes cold toward the plight of others. -- Anon Guest

Ask a lonely god for a favour, and they will pay in abundance. There's always a price for such a thing. Some demand lifelong devotion. Some demand a restoration of their last temple. Gods thrive on worship, and their power depends on the faithful.

Even one devotee is better than none.

Immortality has its costs, too. For the great healer Salvation, it initially came in blisters and boils. Devilborn and holy ground don't mix well, and the forlorn god did not initially like Her last resort.

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