Monday, Day Two, Let's GO!

Today, I have a lot on my plate. Today, I am putting more words into KOSTSS. Today, I am unfuckening the house. Also today, I am getting hold of our financial moguls to attempt a tax sortening. On the PHONE.

I'm going to be blasted by four PM for sure.

IF I have the energy to do any arting, I will, but... I probably won't have the energy to art.

Tomorrow, I may make an expedition into a dollar shop for art supplies. Brushes. Then I shall learn how to write legibly with one. THEN I get back to Kosh's journal in the wee smol hours. Yay?

I give myself too much to do, sometimes.

In the news:

  • ScoMo warns of tough times ahead with all the mutant plague strains turning up
  • Save your MuppetDollaz, the Orange Menace will rise again! It worked for the South, it's sure to work for him [/sarcasm]
  • Amateurs blamed for outbreak in WA
  • MP's locked into quarantine thanks to plague outbreak in Canberra. I hope they get the same shitty quarantine hotel food that everyone else got. If only so they do some policy changes about that
  • Economists slam WA border shutdown. Again 9_9
  • Bad knicker elastic causes embarrassment and unexpected excitement as a jock strap fails mid-game
  • Perth goes nuts before/during the new lockdown. I guess it's traditional now
  • Muppet's legal team bails on him
  • Neighbours to Mar-a-lago turn NIMBY against the orange canker
  • GameStop stock still skyrocketing
  • US citizen misses Australians calling him a 'legend'. Aaaw...
  • AIDS traced to a WW1 soldier who was forced to eat chimpanzees. Colonisation, prostitution, and "well meaning" public health campaigns did the rest
  • Mr Apology encountered a vast amount of people who never felt remorse

Okay. I got an hour before it's time to watch for the bus. Let's get some fiction out there.