Challenge #02943-H020: Inside a Room Without a View

That day, if our positions were switched... would our fates be different? Would I have your life, and you mine? -- Anon Guest

Twenty-three years ago, twin brothers were born holding hands. Great fortune, the Goodwives were wont to say. A great boon. So long as both siblings were raised as together as they were born, and cared for as equally as if one had not been born a Tiefling. Were it any other way, the Viceroy Apprehension "Loyalty" Merrimine might have been foisted off to a foster family or orphanage before the next dawn. Because of that change in fate and fortune, the younger brother -by twenty minutes- was always the lucky one.

His inevitable riposte, because he looked like a cartoon's idea of Tiefling kind, was, "Lucky in all but love." It was a family joke. Among a very small unit of the Merrimine noble family. That is, a joke among the twin brothers. The rest of the court didn't find it very funny.

All through their lives, they saw it. Jubilation was welcomed eagerly into any caregiver's arms while Apprehension was met with more hesitation. It left a mark. Especially since both brothers felt the other's pains. Even the emotional ones. Another joke between the two was that Jubilation was one of the very few Humans who understood exactly what it felt like to be a Tiefling.

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