Sunday, Day 1, Slob Day

The total active case count is at twenty-one. Better, but still not fantastic. Having a day two would be nice. It's been a while. I got to watch ToastyGlow create more video and chat with everyone there about utter nonsense. You know. Lots of fun.

I have a story written and vague plans to do some art progress after I take a nap because I've been awake since midnight. Yay.

In the news:

  • ScoMo caught out being a hypocrite. Again
  • The plague vaccine could possibly end the China trade war with Aus
  • Larry King died
  • Pakistani teen finally freed after being abducted for skeevy reasons, associated authorities under fire for keeping their thumbs up their butts
  • Australia's overheating. Still
  • Australian Open set to close down after UK strain detected there
  • Coalition backbencher under fire for racism
  • ScoMo also under fire for not getting the stranded Aussies home
  • Biden under fire for not keeping his promises on the second day in office. As opposed to the four years that the Muppet lied to everyone about everything
  • New York Times editor fired for tweeting something mildly bad about the orange canker
  • South Australian city has mondo bad lead pollution, something must be done
  • Aussie Mum fell for too-good-to-be-true loan agreement and now regrets everything

And now to post my lovely little tale.