Friday, Day 0, Bread Day part1

There are zero loaves in the freezer as of this morning. One new case and a total of active cases coming in at twelve.

I'm making four loafs with a side-pln to make more bread on Wednesday.

The single biggest and most joyful news of the day is that about 200 redditors decided to unanimously wreck the fuck out of the market by doing what rich people keep telling poor people to do - invest in stocks. Now billionaires are losing their pants and their chance at another gold-plated mansion-yacht.

The "poor" babies.

And in other news:

  • Trading app made for plebs stops trading in GameStop stock after plebs trade GameStop to a new high
  • Hubby mad that teacher wife went to jail for diddling one of her students
  • Huge storm headed for Melbourne
  • Dead body found in creek in Darwin
  • Aussie GameStop caught up in the US GameStop debacle
  • Controversy over relative safety of plague jab for the over 65's
  • Aussies told not to rush straight to Queensland
  • Tow truck driver who tried to save people in a wreck now unemployed and emotionally devastated

I've put over one thousand words into the currently-named KOSTSS, and now I make an Instant. And bread.