Challenge #02941-H018: Light Blue Touchpaper

They were level one and level two havenworlders, but they wanted to get stronger. They had seen on television human fireworks shows, the sound of the explosions muffled while pleasant music played in time to the bright lights and sparkles. They hit on an idea. They would have humans teach them to make, and use, fireworks. Starting with small, what humans would consider almost "harmless" things, and work their way up to the beautiful splays over time. Their first endeavors? Slightly loud bubble-wrap that lit up when popped. -- Anon Guest

[AN: The higher the number, the more fragile the Havenworlder. Just so you know. Level One Havenworlders can almost cope with random Deathworlder BS. Level 5's are so delicate they shouldn't leave their idyllic world. Level 6 us theoretical only]

"You guys wanna play with fireworks," said Human Zif. "I don't even know where to start on telling you how bad an idea that is."

"We will not be experiment with the loudest of noises," said Gresh. "We seek to imitate the effect, but eliminate the hazards."

"For us and those like us," added Silph. "Especially more fragile Havenworlders."

"Ah," said Human Zif. "Right. Sudden but not too sudden. Warning in advance and then something pleasant but still a surprise. You guys know more about your fellow Havenworlders than me. Let's engineer the heck out of a toy for you guys."

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