Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon...

It's a public holiday and some people don't like it. We should, at minimum, rename it to Invasion Day and memorialise all the First Australians who perished as a direct result of White Colonialism. And don't give me any of that "their lives are so much better" bullshit and hold all the "well if [OTHER WHITE NATION] had invaded, they'd have it so much worse" while you're at it.

We have to face facts. WHITE PEOPLE DID BAD THINGS. End of. Now it's time to attempt reparations or at least give the First Australians a little bit of a leg-up so they can have a fair go. I recognise my white privilege and I want to even the playing field however I can.

We can't reset, but we can at least try to repair the way things are.

Today is Patreon Day, so I shall be posting arts and farts and checking on the poll I put up after the Administration decided to do something silly. Admin doing daft things is why I flipped from Steem to Peakd, so I might be moving my bullshit to a new arena if problems persist.

A look at the news:

  • Sexual assault survivor who exposed her (then) pedo teacher named Australian of the Year
  • Israel closes its borders to tackle the plague
  • Biden scraps Muppet's transgender military service ban
  • Amelia is the new top name for girl bubs
  • Pedo sex offender shipped back to Australia to face charges (yay!)
  • ScoMo defends UK Ambassador's holiday in QLD while hundreds of Aussies are still trying to just get home
  • Even if you've had the jab, you can still spread the plague
  • California might have it's own brand of the plague
  • Giuliani has been sued for $1.3 BILLION over promotions of false election fraud claims
  • Melania due to rid herself of a large orange growth that used to be by her side
  • 3YO dies because the hospital was out of AA's
  • A pub in west QLD serves a burger the size of a wedding cake
  • Pfizer vaccine gains provisional approval in Aus
  • LAX airport official jailed for tricking a woman into revealing her breasts
  • Conspiracy theories rise up over the death of Brittany Murphy
  • Facebook Oversight Board to decide on unlocking the Muppet's account
  • There's going to be an electric ute
  • Australia/China tiff still not done
  • Australia's making more money shipping its stuff elsewhere so ner

Off to Patreon. Woot.