Wednesday, Day 0, Seeking Return Policy

There's three new cases today, and the total is at twenty-six. All from overseas and so forth, but still concerning. I have my new glasses and I have to go back to the place I got them from because the magnetic sunnies that came with are chockerblock full of bubbles, rendering a coherent view of the world - and therefore their purpose - moot.

I'll see what can be done about that ASAP. I need my sunnies.

The good news is that I also acquired Miss Chaos' school essentials. In this case, a selection of pants and some new shoes. I also tossed the shoes that were nearly falling apart. Huzzah. I derived a great amount of pleasure from hurling those shits DEEP into the bin.

My bread experiment is a success. The one-loaf-frozen policy not only keeps the stocks stable, but the one-loaf-out is down to the butt ends. Upon which I heartily recommend an open-faced grilled sandwich with an option for cream cheese. The "bad" news being that I shall have to make more bread this Friday.

In the news that's filtered in to my radar:

  • Muppet says that Biden will be hoist by his own petard and attacked with the 25th Amendment, though not as eloquently
  • The man who idly golfed while hundreds of thousands of people died has less than one day left in office. He has plans to churn out 100 pardons and I hope every single one of them is under intense scrutiny
  • Rudy Giuliani now refuses to defend the Muppet on account of not being paid [And now for the news I have to look up]
  • WHO warns of "catastrophic moral failure" - and it's about who gets the vaccine first. Spoilers, it's rich people
  • Muppet's last official action was to lift travel bans and import more variants of the plague from all over the world. Allegedly it's going to help protect the USA
  • Muppet wants the BIGGEST party with all his fwends to bid him bye-bye. You mean all those "friends" you alienated with your loonie conspiracy BS? All those "friends" you fired and then refused to pay them for the jobs they did? Whoops
  • Queensland drivers up for a $300+ fee for hanging their mask off of their rear view mirror. Has nobody learned not to hang bullshit off of their rear view? WAT? They deserve the fee. Deesh
  • Melania is the only one who's doing anything to help the Bidens move into the Whitehouse
  • Muppet points at China's concentration camps as evil but his own are okay, I guess

I'm going to post a bit of Destiny's Fools and then write my story and then go see about my sunnies.