Challenge #02932-H009: Nature's Not Nice

Horses are herbivores. Sometimes, something goes wrong. When there isn't enough plant matter to satisfy large herbivores on the death-world Earth, or when micro-nutrients such as calcium are lacking, they will actively kill and consume other animals. Giraffes have been known to gnaw bones, horses to eat young birds (deer do this as well), and hippos will sometimes kill (and take a bite out of) predators foolish enough to attack them. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I imagine this would come as something more than a shock to "naturally herbivorous lifestyle" vegans]

The Human capacity to plough forwards in ignorance knows no bounds. When faced with contradictory evidence, some have been known to adulterate it to suit their own narrative. This has lead to scrubbing paint from excavated marble, the destruction of several archeological sites, and hoaxes like the Piltdown Man being accepted into the evolution narrative for decades on end. Lately, it's resulted in the Plant Life Colony Bubble.

It's not what it seems to be by its name. It's a miniature world made with care and attention to detail by vegans who believed, wholeheartedly, that it was entirely possible to live without any creature within it eating meat. That included not eating insects and not using bees, because animal exploitation was wrong. It was then, and is now, a canned wilderness. The only difference is that now, no Humans live in it.

They thought of everything, or so they believed. They had an artificial environment in which they controlled everything that went in. From the microbiota in the soils and water, to the ecology they imported to live within. Plants first, because they were the keystone of what they were trying to build. Butterflies to pollinate the plants, so that nobody would be tempted to exploit honey. Herbivores for the wildlife, because it would be a lonely world without animals in it. They would be protected by the PLCB. Not kept as pets, but allowed to roam wild and free like they were meant to.

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