Challenge #02913-G356: Poverty to Profit

As it turns out, some aspects of my life are so horrible that people think I'm making stuff up for shock value. -- Anon Guest

Human Daz always had one week of food on their person, and an atmospheric condenser that stowed two Sivu[1] of purified water. They had a very small molecular reassembler integrated with their livesuit that could only make one thing - Nutrifood Paste. It had one job and it did it very well. The livesuit was a work of both art and paranoia, containing solar panels, a small wind turbine kit, and a very small, dormant, zero point energy unit. It could, theoretically keep Human Daz alive in the vacuum of space for up to two months. Last time companion Ryx checked, Human Daz was researching how to stretch it a fourth.

Companion Ryx was vaguely aware that Human Daz was what they called a "wild Deregger rescue", but had no idea what that chain of words meant. Individually, Companion Ryx could understand the meaning, but... as a phrase? It had lost all of it. As she watched the Human run sims on potential mods for their suit, the nature of Daz's obsessions came to be worrying enough to prompt her to be rude.

"If I may ask rude questions," risked Ryx. "Why are you so concerned with surviving everything? You have not needed a majority of your livesuit mods since their installation, yet you keep adding more. Is this an addiction? Would you like psychological help?"

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