Thursday, Day Zero, Wonderful Things!

First - the bad news. There's two new cases and the total's at twenty-five.

Now the great news:

I Found A Reader!

::confetti and curlytoots: Wooo!

The very nice guy is Darius Marley and has decided they like my writing and is willing to read it out loud to listeners like you.

Spread the word.

We both need income and hopefully, touting each other on the interwebs will lead to greater things. Go visit. Go listen. Spread the word.

You can listen to Nature's Not Nice here. And hear part four of Destiny's Fools over here.

I'll probably be posting both of these on my Wordpress in due course. When I figure out how to do that.

There's a new President of the USA and the old one is off sulking in Mar-a-lago. His neighbours don't want him there and, if it was me in that situation, I would be blasting some kind of playlist to remind him that he's no longer employed. Just to make certain he knows he's not welcome.

The seditious rioters are getting arrested everywhere. Their fault for bragging about doing crime. It's almost like they felt entitled to do it by some kind of privilege. Something to do with white being superior or something. All nonsense, of course. Reality comes crashing down around their ears and I would bet money that the cheeto in chief didn't pardon a single one of them.

Enough schadenfreude. Let's write something.