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Challenge #03931-J279: Something Popped Up

Twice a year, they keep sending young virgins to my cave. I have never attacked them, or ever threatened them. They just started doing this ever since they learned I'm here. I ended up building a special school so these youngsters can get proper care, a good education, and learn how to be free. -- The New Guy

Stereotypes are a terrible thing, especially for Unwelcome People. There's word pairs that everyone knows automatically. Beautiful Elf. Heroic Human. Clever Gnome. Wicked Hellkin. Sneaky Kobold. Brutal Ogre.

Lies, for the most part, but it's how the rest of the world sees those they call 'monsters'. My name is Pondermoore, I'm an Ogre, and I'm a mycologist.

I didn't mean for it to happen that way. I found this cave with all its interesting fungi and properties thereof, and got... involved. The magical properties they had. The alchemical properties. The medicinal... You get the idea. I didn't even know Wraithvine had moved on with hir current companions until a fortnight had gone by. It was another season before the first virgin sacrifice turned up.

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Challenge #03256-H347: Not So Savage

We tried to tame the humans. We thought them little more than savages. We treated them so poorly. Yet, when danger came, they smashed down their cages and saved us. They had been TESTING us! They have forgiven us, but we cannot forgive ourselves. -- Anon Guest

Gresh would learn later that they named their world Stonetech. They had begun it with the idea of recreating their Earth, but with kinder technologies for the environments around them. To live with their world

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Challenge #03208-H299: Breaker of Bad Habits

The Human is only four foot in height, even with the battle-hardened live-suit. The recruits for this new marine outfit are six to seven foot Deathworlders from level three, and a couple near level four Deathworlds. The Human teaches them why you don't laugh at someone just because they're smaller. -- Anon Guest

Gurhag's Grunts were supposed to be meeting the maddest, baddest Deathworlder to train them in new combat techniques. When a child-sized entity in a livesuit appeared and took up

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Challenge #02949-H026: When You Assume

They were a HERO! That is what everyone said they were. They crushed nests of kobolds before those imps could spread, destroyed dragons for the gold freeing the kings that sent them after the dragons from their scaly wrath, cut down teiflings where-ever they were found to ensure those demons could claim no souls.

They were a hero, everyone said they were... right?

So when they entered the city to cleanse it of the blight said to exist there, seeing all that

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Challenge #02932-H009: Nature's Not Nice

Horses are herbivores. Sometimes, something goes wrong. When there isn't enough plant matter to satisfy large herbivores on the death-world Earth, or when micro-nutrients such as calcium are lacking, they will actively kill and consume other animals. Giraffes have been known to gnaw bones, horses to eat young birds (deer do this as well), and hippos will sometimes kill (and take a bite out of) predators foolish enough to attack them. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I imagine this would come as something

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Challenge #02809-G252: Don't Be Fooled

Lots of stories with humans and delicate avian Havenworlders. How about one where the 'bird' descended from something like a cassowary. -- Knitnan

[AN: Compared with Humans, Cassowaries still have their weak points. The trick, of course, is getting close enough to exploit them. Cassowaries count as aviasaurs, and may not be Havenworlders by technicality.]

People tend to assume. If a cogniscent species looks like a bird, it's probably a Havenworlder. Many people coming across the aviasaurs make that assumption. Too many

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Challenge #02388-F198: Nibbled to Death...

There is a myth about the Shattering. It states that the Shattering was put into motion by one human, one that had seen the future. -- Anon Guest

Five hundred years makes all the difference. For Earth, it viewed all its sundry colonies as a form of backup. Not just for the Human race, but also for the data and knowledge the colonials took with them. Surely, they reasoned, the colonists would keep such vital information about their beginning days.

Of such

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Challenge #02057-E233: In-sult-roduction

A genetically upgraded cat is hired as a ship's crew member. The Captain unfortunately thinks that since ancient cats hunted vermin, this crew-member would do the same. -- Anon Guest

When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me. -- Ancient Human Mnemonic/Caution.

Mixi Thicktail made certain she was crisp, businesslike, and formal. This was her first posting on a UFTP vessel and people had doubtless heard things about Nufurria and its residents by now. The difference between

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