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Challenge #03256-H347: Not So Savage

We tried to tame the humans. We thought them little more than savages. We treated them so poorly. Yet, when danger came, they smashed down their cages and saved us. They had been TESTING us! They have forgiven us, but we cannot forgive ourselves. -- Anon Guest

Gresh would learn later that they named their world Stonetech. They had begun it with the idea of recreating their Earth, but with kinder technologies for the environments around them. To live with their world instead of fighting in opposition against it. Even with stone tools and bear skins they could harness the power of the sun and the wind.

Gresh and his crew felt sorry for these weird upright apes when they found them. Eking out gather-hunter existences and barely scraping through the winters. For a time, it was observation only, but as the observation continued, the crew agreed. They couldn't just leave these creatures to struggle as they were doing. They had to bring at least some of them along in case this lot perished in their wilderness.

What a terrible, magnificent mistake they made.

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