Challenge #03208-H299: Breaker of Bad Habits

The Human is only four foot in height, even with the battle-hardened live-suit. The recruits for this new marine outfit are six to seven foot Deathworlders from level three, and a couple near level four Deathworlds. The Human teaches them why you don't laugh at someone just because they're smaller. -- Anon Guest

Gurhag's Grunts were supposed to be meeting the maddest, baddest Deathworlder to train them in new combat techniques. When a child-sized entity in a livesuit appeared and took up the educator's position in the room, they fell to laughing.

"I have been told to introduce myself as Human Pat," they said. "Rest assured that I know five ways to kill each of you without trying at it."

"Good prank, kid," laughed the titular Gurhag, struggling to keep herself upright. "Get your parental in, we love an educator with a sense of humour." She had to activate her facial cleansers just to see.

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