Monday, Day 0, Sleep? What Sleep?

Plague news: Three new cases, one local and two imports. There's twelve total active cases, nine of them are in hospital. Australia's at 89% first vax, 80% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 79.5% first vax, 67% fully vaxxed.

My pln for today is: Write story, read stories for Tale Foundry, catch a nap(?) [depending on the time of day] and then SLEEP.

We did get the Catio fixed, so now my furbabies can look out on the great wild world but not have to suffer its injustices. Yay.

We may have to do more Catio rennos at a later date as some things need some minor fixes. But it's all non-urgent so I'm not sweating it.

I'm also not pushing myself to write. Given the slow stretch I just had? It's better if I chillax and do other projects for a while. BUT not today. Today, I focus on getting enough dang rest to deal with tomorrow.

In the news:

  • China still up to its bullshit
  • Victoria's hospitals are overwhelmed because plague
  • Performer criticised for the deadly behaviour of fans
  • Surprise surprise, the person who triggered a massive cluster of cases in Sydney had lied about not visiting Melbourne
  • More severe storms to hit NSW

Stream soon. Storytime after that. Meanwhile, I attempt to stay sane.