Sunday, Day 0, LOOOONNNG day

Plague news: One new case, a local. There's nine total active cases, seven of them are in hospital. Australia's at 89% first vax, 80% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 79% first vax, 66.9% fully vaxxed.

Today is a long, long day for me.

1AM - (Now) Watching Toasty create magnificent arts
6AM - Tale Foundry
9AM - My stream immediately following Tale Foundry
10AM - Meatspace shenanigans
4PM - Sleep for 6 hours, or try to
10PM - Wake, get coffee, set up for D&D
11PM - D&D
3AM - [The next firkin morning] End to D&D, still jazzed, get more coffee, meds, set up for story stream
4AM - Story stream
5AM - Wake up the fam so THEY can deal with Monday, maybe even sleep.

The "Meatspace shenanigans" covers everything from random shopping to home rennos. Fingers crossed, we get the Catio roof done. I want it to happen so I will be on Beloved's arse at the earliest chance.

In the news:

  • China may be ready to invade somewhere
  • Mass casualties at a music festival
  • Plague surges in Europe worry epidemiologists
  • Incestuous father's jail sentence slashed

And now I watch Toasty do some arting.