Challenge #03931-J279: Something Popped Up

Twice a year, they keep sending young virgins to my cave. I have never attacked them, or ever threatened them. They just started doing this ever since they learned I'm here. I ended up building a special school so these youngsters can get proper care, a good education, and learn how to be free. -- The New Guy

Stereotypes are a terrible thing, especially for Unwelcome People. There's word pairs that everyone knows automatically. Beautiful Elf. Heroic Human. Clever Gnome. Wicked Hellkin. Sneaky Kobold. Brutal Ogre.

Lies, for the most part, but it's how the rest of the world sees those they call 'monsters'. My name is Pondermoore, I'm an Ogre, and I'm a mycologist.

I didn't mean for it to happen that way. I found this cave with all its interesting fungi and properties thereof, and got... involved. The magical properties they had. The alchemical properties. The medicinal... You get the idea. I didn't even know Wraithvine had moved on with hir current companions until a fortnight had gone by. It was another season before the first virgin sacrifice turned up.

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