Challenge #02809-G252: Don't Be Fooled

Lots of stories with humans and delicate avian Havenworlders. How about one where the 'bird' descended from something like a cassowary. -- Knitnan

[AN: Compared with Humans, Cassowaries still have their weak points. The trick, of course, is getting close enough to exploit them. Cassowaries count as aviasaurs, and may not be Havenworlders by technicality.]

People tend to assume. If a cogniscent species looks like a bird, it's probably a Havenworlder. Many people coming across the aviasaurs make that assumption. Too many meeting Casuarid also make that assumption. It's an easy mistake to make. They're used to it.

So when the Vorax attacked the cruise vessel Summer Holiday, there was a series of misunderstandings in regards to Casuarid Ou'ap. Starting with her fellow travellers, and winding up with the Ships' Humans.

"But you're a Havenworlder," everyone objected. "You're fragile!" Of course they would. Aviasaurs look too much like avians to casual observers. Ou'ap was used to it. "I'm not as fragile as I look," she argued.

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